Welcome to Avenue Brew. We are located in Bellevue KY. just over the Ohio River, east of Newport KY, and joins Dayton KY on Route 8. This is a revived and a continuing to be revived area of Northern KY. In the past several years, Bellevue has raised community standards, adding small family owned and run businesses, and lots of BABIES (Just check out all our "Brew Babies), which means,,,,,,,, young people are moving into the neighborhood and raising their families. 
Christine owned and operated a small resale shop at this same location for nearly a year, and she worked mornings at a coffee house.  After she heard many requests for a coffee house in this area, my wife and I decided to open one. We have built this business over the last 2 years listening to our customers requests. Adding food and drink requests, naming many of those after our customers. 
WE offer a Family Fun filled atmosphere from morning till we close. YOU'LL walk into the aromas of fresh brewed coffees, fresh baked goods, our coffee of the month, and YUMMY Lattes, Smoothies, as well as frape's, and a surprizingly large menu for Our ALL Day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, all being prepared by "The Brew Crew". The combination of all these things will guarantee you an experience to remember. 
On 1st Friday, great food, and BEER of your choice bottle or draft everynight!!!  We offer a HUGE SELECTION of popular CRAFT BEERS.

Please call ahead any time to place your order, or for carry-out. 859.261.4381.
Our out door Patio Area. Come and sit in the newest and peaceful patio in Bellevue. It's behind the "Brew". You can come in the front or come in through the back off Taylor Ave., walk down the ramp to the rear of the "Brew". that area is dog friendly. It offers a quiet setting with natural growing flowers, and sail awnings blowing in the natural breezes.
Oh and one more thing we offer BEER by the bottle or draft. We now offer beer both indoor or outside.